Notion Creator Workspace


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The ideal workspace and business management system for Notion creators.

Products 📦

  • Build and manage products and product ideas.

  • Plan out products using a pre-built template.

  • Schedule product launches.

  • Keep track of your product listing submissions.

Notes 🗒️

  • Link notes to specific products.

  • Set favorites and assign tags.

Monthly Goals 🥅

  • Set monthly goals, and track your progress.

Tasks ✅

  • Link tasks to specific products.

  • Stay on top of due dates with countdowns.

Audience 👥

  • Build and manage your audience in a database.

Content Planner 🗓️

  • Plan your social media content by platform.

  • Content calendar with monthly and weekly views.

Bookmarks 📁

  • Collect bookmarks, set favorites, and organize with tags.

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