Kitchen Hub


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Your all-in-one kitchen companion. Store your recipes, build your grocery list, plan your meals, and keep inventory of your kitchen.

Dashboard 🖥️

  • Meal plan summary for the day, week, and month

  • Quick action buttons

    • Add to grocery list

    • Add to inventory

    • Add new recipe

    • Add to meal plan

  • Navigation menu

  • Overview stats/insights

Recipe Manager 🗃️

  • Store all your recipes together in one place.

  • Add a photo, and specify number of servings, cooking time, cuisine, and type of dish (main, side, snack, dessert, breakfast).

  • Know if you have everything for a recipe, or if you’re missing a number of ingredients.

  • Classify dishes as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free based on their ingredients.

  • Add dishes to your meal plan with one click.

  • Add ingredients to your grocery list with one click.

Meal Planner 📆

  • Plan your meals in advance for any day.

    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks

  • Keep a history of what you’ve eaten.

Inventory Manager 🏠

  • Pre-filled with 200+ common household foods and ingredients.

  • Keep track of what’s in your kitchen. Check what you have and what you don’t have in stock.

  • Add items to your grocery list with one click.

Grocery List 🛒

  • Keep track of what you need to get on your next grocery run.

  • Organize items by category/aisle, and specify a quantity.

  • Add items to your “cart” as your shop.

Stats/Insights 🔍

  • Receive good-to-know insights about your kitchen.

    • Number of saved recipes

    • Number of items in your grocery list

    • Number of dishes you can make with what you have

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